For you Meditators and Meditator-Wanna-Be’s:

When I first started meditating, it was hard, because my cat always wanted to interrupt me. She always seemed to need attention, or maybe she wanted to play, since I was down on her level – which was distracting, and often an excuse to end my meditation early. Ironically, now that my meditation practice is more consistent, I notice my cat seems to calm down, herself – which makes it easier to keep a consistent meditation practice! I sit near a window in the morning, and she sits near me, and she seems to treasure those 20 minutes when I’m not racing around, a little quieter. I have no doubt whatsoever that my cat likes me better when I’m meditating.

For those who are not familiar with Deepak Chopra’s teachings, his website is He offers a free newsletter, occasional free webinars, and twice a year, a free 21-day meditation course. Deepak has a lot of inspiring information on YouTube, too. I learned something from his recent webinar, The Modern Meditator, that I thought I’d pass on to you, since he dispels a big myth about meditation: the myth that something earthshaking or at least insightful, is supposed to happen while you are sitting in meditation. Or, that there’s a right way and a wrong way to meditate! I transcribed the recording, and here’s the quote:


Just do it.  If you’re doing it, that’s enough.  You put in the time.

The best benefits of meditation are not in meditation, they are outside of it.   You feel more energy, more clarity, you start to lose your addictive behaviors, sleep better, your biology begins to transform….

These things happen outside meditation. Inside meditation, there’s usually nothing dramatic, other than stress release mostly, but outside meditation, your life begins to transform, and it’s a very joyful journey.


Here’s to a happier, healthier you in 2017!


- Carlotta