"I'd like to have an orderly, peaceful home but I'm too busy."

“We can’t be safe without killing terrorists.”

"I love to travel but I get so exhausted."

"I’d like to be wealthy but most of all I want to be a good person.”

“Taking care of my family member with dementia is ruining my health”

         What if we re-word these equations and say--

I can have an orderly, peaceful home AND plenty of time to enjoy it.

We can have a world without terror AND make a commitment to be peaceful in everything we do.

I'm going to travel in such a way that I am invigorated.

My family member is going to get all the care they need, AND so will I, AND on top of that, our relationship will improve.

I can be wealthy AND use my money to make the world a better place, and me a better person

Perhaps by now you are noticing your own objections as you read the statements above:  yeah, but where's all that money going to come from?  Where are the resources going to come from for BOTH the family member with dementia and the run-down caregiver?

If you have a meditation practice, then you'll understand that thoughts are just thoughts, not truths by any means, or commands.  Yoga teaches us how to override the mind's anxious churnings and fluctuations and stay focused on, and committed to, a vision that is positive and beneficial.  Stay alert throughout the day and in meditation, for limiting beliefs like the ones above, reword them and reset the vision in your imagination.  You may be surprised at the results.

See link below, to interview with Dr. Martin Luther King, about his understanding of Mahatma Gandhi's practice of nonviolent activism.